Alexander Lvovich

The artist Alexander Lvovich was born on September 30, 1956 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.


Graduated from Lvov State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (Department of Art Pottery) in 1983.

Since 1985 he has been taking part in country-wide, foreign and international exhibitions and symposiums.

Since 1995, Alexander Lvovich has been the art director at the Russian Drama Theater named after Mikhail Lermontov in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1989.

Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1991.

Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan since 1995.

Artist Alexander Lvovich lives and creates in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Solo Exhibitions:


“Imagine” gallery, Longmaloord, Sadbury, Suffolk, United Kingdom.


“Arvest” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“Toon Thijs” gallery, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


“Tengri-Umai” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“Aqui Si am Vep” gallery, Vallouris, France.


“Art Avenue” gallery, Vallauris, France.

“Air-Vallauris” gallery, Vallauris, France.

“Csok Istvan” Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.


“Mia” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

“Suzuki” Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.


“Csok Istvan” Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.


“Propeller”, solo exhibition, the State Art Museum named after A. Kasteev, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Embassy of France in Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Tengri-Umai” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“Sent-Art” Gallery, Hannover, Germany.

Transcarpathian Art Museum, Uzhhorod, Ukraine.


Exhibition Hall of the Crimean Union of Artists, Simferopol, Ukraine.


Art By Alexander Lvovich

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