Nikolay Gazeev

The artist Nikolay Gazeyev was born in Samara, Russia in 1948.


Graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Repin, the workshop of Yu. M. Neprintsev, in 1978.

Lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan.



“Emerald Green”, solo exhibition, the State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteyev, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“The one as a whole”, solo exhibition, “Tengri-Umai” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“The Top And The Bottom”, solo exhibition, “Tengri-Umai” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“Plein Air Sky” Album of paintings and solo exhibition, “Tengri-Umai” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The second annual exhibition of the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts “Communications: Experiences of Cooperation”, group exhibition, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Spiritual Party”, group exhibition, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Favorites from the collection of non-conformist art of the former Soviet Union of Norton and Nancy Dodge”, Jane Voorhis Zimmerli Museum, New Jersey, USA.

“Portrait in the fine arts of Kazakhstan of the XX century”, group exhibition, the State Museum of Arts. named after A. Kasteyev, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“Graphic arts. Painting. Color “, with the daughter Elizaveta Gazeyeva, the State Museum of Arts. named after A. Kasteyev, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“Lessons of Kalmykov II. Lessons on the color of the flower and green grass “,” Landscape behind the Mona Lisa “, an exhibition of painting in the natural landscape at an altitude of 2,550 m, Big Almaty Lake, September 26, 1999, September 27 to October 9, 1999 in the” Tengri-Umai ” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Portrait of a fourteen-year-old boy with features of his father”, “Look” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Lessons of Kalmykov I. Richmond park”, gallery “Tengri-Umai”, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“Autograph album”, “Tengri-Umai” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Album is an autograph. Book album, book in English”, Russian National Library, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Album “The Road to Paris”, Union of Artists, White Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Albums “A Short Journey to the Snow-covered Peaks”, “The Road to Paris”, “Tengri-Umai” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Joint with Margaret Boat “Small landscapes of Britain and Kazakhstan”, British Council, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

“Seven first numbers”, Tengri-Umai ” gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


“From unofficial art to perestroika”, an exhibition complex on Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Museums collections:

The State Museum of Arts. A. Kasteeva, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

A collection of non-conformist art from the former Soviet Union of Norton and Nancy Dodge, the Jane Voorhis Zimmerli

Art Museum at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

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