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The luxe, powerful look of dark walls is dominating the world of interior design right now. Whether you already have a dark wall or you’re just flirting with your darker side, we’ve rounded up the easiest and most effective ways for you to get the look for yourself.

Play to the Gallery

Gallery walls like the one above pop against a dark wall, and that’s why this trend is the best for supporting bold choices. It’s almost like you’re framing things with black by hanging them, so this is the time to experiment with placing objects on your wall that go beyond two dimensions. Add your favorite thrift finds between framed prints to help your walls pop in every dimension. We like the look of bull skulls, framed agate, weavings, and our sculptural wall collection.

With dark colors as a backdrop, there’s no color that will clash. That’s your ticket to being as creative as you want! You can even take a look at what you’ve already got on hand to make something totally new. If you have a bookshelf against a dark wall, you can try rearranging your books by hue for some colorful contrast. Or gather all your houseplants together to create a mini-jungle with its own backdrop: patterned plants, bright flowers, or multicolored planters will drive this look home.

Make a Statement

If you’ve already got enough gallery walls in your house, you can always create a visual contrast with one oversized piece. Because when you find the perfect print, you just want to get the biggest size possible! We’ve got hand-painted art that will look utterly beautiful against a darker backdrop, and we also have plenty of art that makes it worth going big.


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